Prevent Health Catastrophe’s

Without your health, you are as good as dead!

Every doctor, for every single illness, from cancer to fibromyalgia, heart disease, depression, and anxiety, will tell you that the best prevention for any disease is exercise.

Prevent illnesses from attacking your body. Take charge of your own health, now!

If you are going to take charge of your life, fix your health first. Without it, you are basically dead. I tell myself that like every other human being, it is perfectly fine and normal to make many new year’s resolutions and stick to none. That is the bad news! Stick around and scroll down. You will figure out the good news on your own.

Exercise is the key to prevention of many illnesses. Let’s face it, the most crucial and difficult aspect of exercising is the first step. It is the key to sticking with your routine for life. How do you motivate and talk to yourself? By now you should know that nobody can live your life for you. You are the only one in charge of you! I have heard my mother preach these lines, all of my life. A good workout routine is a great tool for the success of your mental and physical development and well-being.

Get your butt into gear! The first step is the crucial step!

I will tell you what works for me. I love working out, that’s the truth. What is also true is that I tend to procrastinate when I am afraid. Why does exercise petrify me? As a fibromyalgia sufferer, one wrong move can keep me down for days. So naturally, I would worry about not overdoing it.

Easy does it!

As for you, remind yourself about the days you stuck to your routine. The feelings invoked from those feel good hormones are priceless, aren’t they? No anti- depressant, no anti-inflammatory, is going to bring you immense pleasure as the one your body naturally releases from exercise.

Prevent illnesses from attacking your body. Take charge of your own health, now!


Did you think you needed weed to get high? Get a natural high from running!
  1. As soon as you wake up, after your prayers, change into some sexy workout gear. (That should be another motivation. Wanting to fix some physical flaws.)
  2. You should have a water bottle ready in the fridge.
  3. Don’t think and plan too much. Just start.
  4. Breathing exercises and warming up will slowly get your heart rate going. Start with that first. End with cooling down exercises.
  5. Decide on exercises that suit your body type and present health condition.
  6. Start with smaller periods and intensity and gradually increase.
  7. Don’t become over-zealous and overdo it on your first day.
  8. Set aside this time, for yourself.
  9. Switch off your phone. Put that do not disturb sign up on your door.
  10. This is more important than the early morning briefing with your boss.
  11. For some people working out with a friend is good motivation. I enjoy going at it solo. Sometimes time alone is what you need.
  12. Have some motivational talk to listen to while you exercise. Some people enjoy listening to music, some prefer the voice of their favorite Qari. (Quraan reciter)
  13. Join a motivational Whattsap group. Knowing that you have others on the same mission as you is great motivation.
  14. Who says exercise should be limited to a specific time of the day?
  15. Sitting at your desk, you could do loads of leg exercises etc.
  16. Incorporate some healthy eating habits like cutting down on sugar. Stop smoking. Minimize gluten. When your clothes get looser, that will spur you on, and keep you going.
Do it for yourself!

Below is a list of useful links to check out. Exercise can be done anywhere. Remember that you are doing this for yourself. One step in the right direction will set your body up to fight illnesses before they try to attack you. Taking care of your body and good health will be sure to bring you immense satisfaction and self-confidence. A good exercise routine is great for your self-development.

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