Let’s talk about catfish baby let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things that may be, let’s talk about Catfish!



Nobody wishes to discuss their experience of being catfished. It is that traumatic for most people. Why I decided to blog on this topic? I myself have been catfished really badly. Catfish- what is catfish? Some of you ask, clueless?



Allow me to inform you that catfishing people has literally become an online pandemic. People are killing themselves over it. It has come to a point where it is essential to delve deeper into things, to expose those who are using the internet as a smokescreen to hide their identities. Catfish is an online term used for people who remain anonymous while stealing someone else’s identity off social media. They use it to create a ruckus and go completely crazy online. Those who have been scammed by these freakish inhumane people will tell you that the worst feeling, is getting that email notifying you that you have been scammed.

For many devious con artists, the internet has become a safe haven and playground for predators. With very little effort, it is becoming simpler to stalk and destroy lives without getting caught. I myself have been targeted by one of the most ruthless and notorious human beings that I have ever encountered.


Ladies and gentlemen be extremely cautious when utilizing the net. Use privacy settings and do not reveal more information than you should. Most social media influencers are females.


I initially assumed that it was the young ones in danger, perhaps mostly teens. However, it has come to my attention that besides, myself, a grown woman there are many, just like me who have been ruthlessly conned. Some women, according to a local therapist, have been conned out of their homes, savings and valuable jewelry.


I found that most predators lead a double life, engaging in acts of deceit while leading a perfectly normal life on the outside. Many are even well-respected businessmen with unsuspecting wives and families. Even religious leaders are not exempt from being involved in these vile things. It is usually immature people who play dirty tricks, right? You got that wrong. Some of these men are in actual fact like bored housewives. With not enough excitement, intimacy and companionship, lacking in their lives, it is no wonder that they usually seek out vulnerable people.



While technology may be a blessing in disguise for business purposes and for information. It has its uses. The downside is that there are numerous problems when it comes to engaging on social media. Below I will list a few points to take cognizance of when you are online. I am not saying that everyone out here is suspect and bad. There are genuine, kind people and loads of decent humans out here. Among the crowds exist a few individuals with great big ideas to use the internet as bait and a trap.


So the next time you get a friend request, you should carefully scrutinize every single thing written on their profile and read between the lines. It is easy to block someone. It is much easier to set up another account and stalk to your heart’s content. Friends have tried it for research purposes. We have opened several different accounts and wormed our way back into contact lists with very little effort. The amazing part was the trusting individuals out there. We could have easily conned all those men that sent us invites and waves, trying so desperately to get some action and interaction from women.


Disgusted and petrified, I closed my eyes and cringed at some of the messages I received. Some were downright hilarious and I was tempted to ask for something and play along. To all of you online, my message is be careful. Roving eyes are everywhere. So be ultra careful out on the internet universe.

If you have been a target and victim of cyberstalking or cyberbullying and being catfished, please feel free to comment and discuss on my comment’s forum. I would love to create an awareness and perhaps even figure out a few things about our catfish together. Who knows, your catfish, maybe the same as my catfish, one and the same person?

What to do when you are being stalked or catfished online?

  • As someone with a legal background, I can tell you that you can definitely get into trouble for stealing someone’s identity depending on the circumstances. You can land up in jail if you stake claims to someone’s identity online.
  • If you can prove their actions, you can also take legal action and become involved in a civil case for poor health and sue for damages. Avoid posting your personal info online. Be careful about who you engage with and what you tell them.
  • Keep track of things with a paper trail, and have records of the conversation between you and the cyber bully. You can sue for harassment and get a restraining order as well. According to the U.K laws, the penalty for cyber-stalking is grave and could land you in prison from one year or even ten years. If the stalker threatens the victim in any way the punishment could obviously be worse.
  • What is harassment? It is when someone behaves in a way that offends or intimidates you which is known as discrimination. https://www.gov.uk/report-stalker U.KSee https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberstalking for more info on cyberstalking. U.S.ASee http://cybercrime.org.za/cyberstalking/ https://virtual-addiction.com/what-is-cyber-bullying/

If you are the victim of cyberstalking /harassment/defamation/ cyberbullying or catfishing please do not be ashamed to go forward and report this. Many people are intimidated by the threats from the perpetrator.

Shared sexual content often results in fear for one’s reputation. If you have been a victim, there are remedies available. There is a stigma attached to it as it is basically rape of the mind and sometimes cannot be proven.

I urge all of you out there to keep a record of the bullying and to not be afraid of taking legal action and taking charge of your life. Get your life back now!

Legal Aid South Africa  http://www.legal-aid.co.za/?page_id=424

Have you been a victim of cyber-stalking? You are not alone. Cyberstalking is on the rise. You are worthy of your privacy, safety and peace! STOP BULLYING NOW!


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  1. Thank you for this brutally honest article. Well written with useful tips & info. Definitely need to share this with as many as I can. Keep it up!


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