Do you want it good, clean and smooth?

Finding the perfect Beauty therapist

I don’t know about other women, but most Muslim women are shy about baring it all. I tend to go on a diet for at least a week before I have an appointment with my beauty therapist. I suck my tummy in and hold my breath throughout the waxing procedure. It is no secret that waxing is one of the most dreaded and embarrassing procedures besides visiting the gynecologist.


Let’s be brutally honest here, no women is comfortable removing her clothes in front of other women, especially not a woman with a beautiful body. For many women, the reluctance about visiting a beautician for waxing is mainly due to how self-conscious most women are. Many of us dread seeing our beauty therapists when it’s time for a wax. I know I am extremely uncomfortable even after years of visiting the same therapist. So, it is essential for women seeking out ways to have hair-free skin, to make sure that we find a suitable therapist. Then comes the burn factor, when it comes to waxing. It is time-consuming to do a d.i.y. especially if you not used to it. I have had countless burns and scars from waxing.


However, I must add that beauty means sacrifice. As Muslims, cleanliness is part of Godliness. What this means is that every single hair in the oddest of places must be removed. There is no getting around that. It’s almost unheard of to find an unclean Muslim female or male. As a Muslim the first thing we teach our children about is cleanliness. Did you know that each time a Muslim visits the bathroom to offload and relieve ourselves, it is obligatory to cleanse with water? Yeah that is correct, not just tissue paper but water too. This should indicate how important cleanliness is to any Muslim. We cannot touch our Quraan if we are impure and each time we touch this holy book, it is obligatory to wash ourselves before we read the words of Allah swt (GOD)

The problem that all of us face, is the tedious painful procedure behind it. My pain limits are really low and I always screech in pain whenever I visit the beautician. No amount of painkillers help for that stinging burning tearing sensation of waxing. Although I must admit that the smooth skin afterwards is a good reward. Most women, especially married women, will inform you that the best part about having smooth skin is that your husband won’t be able to get his hands off you. Many of us break out though with pimples after a wax, due to ingrown hairs as well as sensitivity. We believe that our bodies was given to us as a loan by our creator, therefore keeping it in tip top condition is vital. Personal development entails taking care of your physical body as well as emotional needs. Your self- confidence levels will soar when you are hair free. Leaving the house is simpler and faster. You won’t have to stand in front of the mirror to pluck stray hairs anymore.

Extra Sensitive Skin

As someone who has extra sensitive skin which often breaks out from waxing and threading, I decided to opt for laser skincare solutions instead.  I was really chuffed by laser hair removal and its benefits. While Laser Hair removal is not new on the market, it is quite pricey. Do note that the benefits outweigh the costs and the patience which one requires to attempt this type of solution for hair removal.

I have tried shaving and waxing hair removal cremes and concoctions of all types and of all methods of hair removal but none have excited me in this way.

As a rule, I must try out items before I actually feature them on my page. After various interviews and reviews with many satisfied clients, I am pleased to feature and promote Laser touch on my blog. I have also teamed up with them, offering them a space to rent out and perform hair removal and skin therapy sessions.

Perfect Solution

If you are seeking the perfect hair removal solution which is cost effective and done professionally and discreetly by certified laser therapists then book your appointment with us right NOW. Email us to confirm your booking for the 25th of March 2019 today. We are based in Crawford, Cape Town. There are limited spaces available. We are open from 8am to 8pm for your convenience. Book Now! Do not procrastinate! Do Not Delay!

Email: to book your appointment, NOW!

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