Re-Invent Yourself-Transform Your Image!

Bold and Beautiful

You probably already know, that the first thirty seconds of your initial contact with someone, is the moment they decide who you are based on your appearance. What kind of an image would you like to portray? Most of us want the world to take us seriously. We want to have our presence known and to leave our mark wherever we go. However, I must admit that I have noticed that many don’t really dress the part for success.

While there are many out there with good taste, there are very few who own their unique style and do it with grace, class, and elegance. Everyone can’t be good at everything, right?! The best way to fix that is through small changes in your appearance. This, in turn, can create self-confidence and boost your levels of happiness. Everyone knows that when you look good, you feel good. Constant style transformations are good for your personal development. Out with the old and in with the new.

Some clothes may suit certain people and enhance their appearance. The exact same clothing worn by another person can look downright drab. Clothing on a sales rack can sometimes appear rather beautiful, especially when there is a red Sale tag attached to it.

Unfortunately, when you get home and try it on, you totally feel like sobbing because for some reason now the outfit looks rather different. We have all been through this at some point, so calm down. For this reason there are personal stylists who are readily available to assist you, so don’t despair.

Best Accessories For Men

It seems that we tend to wear the same few outfits day in and day out in the same style which we have worn since our first real job. We wear it one way and don’t even dare attempt to pair the item off with certain accessories. The struggle is real. I don’t know about you, but the first thing that crosses my mind whenever I leave the house is what do I wear today? I can stand in front of my cupboard on some days, totally and absolutely clueless.

Dare to Wear

This is where the Style Surgeon takes over. What is a personal stylist? you ask. Many people don’t even know what a professional personal stylist does. His or her job is to ensure that you do not make a fashion faux pas. Not only that, you will be trained to dress in a manner which befits the image you would like to portray to the outside world. Your stylist will source clothing that suits your budget and body shape, coloring and height. She will find the latest styles for you and work on your existing closet to enable every single item of clothing which you own to really get to work for you.

Personal Stylist
Getting Dressed By The Style Fundi

Bearing that in mind, I must say that I was super excited to have recently encountered a stunningly attractive and stylish lady whose style of clothing is classy and elegant, sophisticated and tasteful in an understated way. It stands out because of her unique choice of fabulous colors. Meet Veeshani Ramjie, an image consultant from Johannesburg, South Africa.

After an initial telephone consultation with her, and exchange of numerous photos she was able to come up with several new outfit ideas from a few simple favorites of mine. I snapped pictures for the Style Surgeon of my body in a tight dress in order for Veesahani to analyze my form. Based on my figure, coloring, age, and occupation she was able to transform my existing cupboard.

Its All About What Suits You

What really impressed me about Veeshani is that she took all my needs into consideration, as I am a Muslim and thus pretty conservative. I mostly opt for clothing that hides instead of accentuating and revealing my body. Most Muslim women dress in hijaab when they leave their houses. However, when they are within the confines of their own homes they are allowed to dress fashionably for their husbands. Being the mother to a teen means that I have to dress age appropriate yet at the same time, I do not want to seem like someone living in the stone ages and out of touch with reality. This is where Veesahni is able to transform your boring wardrobe by mixing and matching existing items and accessories.

Then came the awesome make-up tips. The color combinations which she suggested was not something I would have considered prior to a consultation. I was pleasantly surprised though, to note that certain colors actually accentuate my eyes and make them appear larger. She also shook off some of my weight issues, which every woman has. Imagine overcoming the things that make you self -conscious. It is really an awesome feeling to walk with confidence. Through creating an illusion with certain colors and styles, I appeared to look a size smaller.

Veeshani is an amazing person and it was an absolute delight to have had the opportunity for a free consultation worth over R5000. I loved her jovial personality and we connected on so many levels.  She literally transformed my life by equipping me with necessary skills required to mix and match, pair and scratch for the perfect combination and outfit ensemble.

Dressed for Success

With her experience in the corporate environment, because of her career as a professional accountant, Veeshani will be able to assist you, with attaining a fabulous and professional corporate image. What I have recently noticed is that there has been a recent surge in men utilizing the services of an image consultant to assist them. In this way, men can develop their own unique and masculine clothing style in order to enhance their image.

The benefits of utilizing the services of a professional consultant who specializes in style transformations are numerous. Male or female, the Style Surgeon will change your life for the better. A new image can be your stepping stone to success. Changes are necessary for self-development.

Metrosexual Men

 An Image consultant is able to transform your appearance by offering you:

Corporate Services:

  •  Assistance with induction programmes – relaying the organizations dress code policy to new staff members; thus solidifying the company
  • brand promotion through sharing tips & tricks on how to have your personal style shine through.
  • Assistance with individual staff members who dress inappropriately as management does not always have the necessary resources or time to handle this effectively
  • Special programme’s for Women’s Day / Corporate Day can be arranged.
  • Numerous styling techniques to help you to decide what suits your needs
  • One on One consultations with key personnel that may be in need of Image
  • Consulting services for PA’s, newly appointed managers, directors and front desk staff.
Style Can Be Taught

What do image Consultants actually do?

  1. Colour Analysis
  2. Body Shape Anaylsis
  3. Style Personality Assessment
  4. Makeup Applications/Lessons
  5. Wardrobe Assessment
  6. Makeovers (All of the above)
  7. Special Occassion Styling
  8. Colour Analysis
Heels And Jeans-Steaming Hot Combination

You will receive a personal color swatch, a detailed report with regards to your body shape, proportions, style and personality, with an emphasis on what enhances your special features through appropriate styling. Not only was this loads of fun for me, but I learned so much within such a short period of time about what suits me and what doesn’t. I saved tons of money because I am now using every clothing item in my cupboard, wisely. If you are regularly struggling with clothing and style, that should tell you that you need the services of an image consultant right away!

Shopping Can Be Fun

Don’t delay Contact Veeshani right this minute for a quote on some of her packages available. You can quote this Voucher number (STS smart101) to get a 20% discount.

Here are her details: Email

 Call her on her Mobile  – +27 8 2 6 2 4 1 9 9 6

Check her out on Instagram – Stylesurgeonsa

Friend her on Facebook – Style Surgeon

For more info about personal stylists and what they do, this is a useful website to visit:

Check out this blog on further info about personal stylists and how they can rock your lifestyle:

8 thoughts on “Re-Invent Yourself-Transform Your Image!

  1. First of all, you are stunning! You would make anything you wear look great! I agree completely when you dress good, you feel good. I do my best to always put effort into how I look. I may not have the most expensive outfits but I do not leave the house in sweat pants. Thank you for sharing your experience with your stylist, I truly enjoyed this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • are so sweet and just as beautiful!! Thank you for your lovely comment. It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap and outfit is, its the way you pair it up with other accessories that makes it remarkable. I have found clothes in shops that others would not bother visiting and tbh some of those outfits were the best I have worn.


  2. I love the realism of this. It truly portrays the day-to-day struggle of my life. Having stylist who can help make things simple sounds like a great place to start. Oh, and btw, you look absolutely stunning


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