Who am I?

Professional Copywriter

I am a professional copywriter engaging in what I love most and do best. Writing.

I am a single mom, an ex LLB student, qualified estate agent, fibromyalgia warrior and most importantly a Muslimah fighting my nafs and striving to perfect my imaan on a daily basis. (faith) I write articles mostly based on Islamic principles and faith. My aim is to dispel myths about Islam and Muslims and to educate people through providing a window into my lifestyle.

In this blog I will inspire you to live your most authentic life. Through contemporary ways to illuminate and learn, I am constantly discovering fresh strategies to enhance my spiritual, emotional and mental self-development.

Living Life To The Brim

Do you know the difference between merely existing and living a wholesome and authentic life? You must understand that life has to be savored. Each and every moment whether good bad or ugly, is all part of growth and personal development.

We Will Face Our Challenges Together

I will enlighten you with articles of substance and depth from philosophy to fashion and make-up, mental and physical well being, home decor and eating out, parenting, relationships and even cooking, right to the daily challenges that we all face.

I will help you get through your challenges by inspiring you to live your best life, to stay focussed and not to give up, not now, not ever. I will also post articles of substance and depth which will get you thinking deeply.

Where on earth am I?

Sunset in Sea Point

I was born and raised in a farm town in the heartland of South Africa. My soul remains thoroughly old fashioned and small town. Way before I turned eighteen, my family and I relocated to Cape Town.

Finally, the only thing left for me to say is:

Welcome aboard and thank you for taking the time out to get to know me!

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