Who am I?

Everyone keeps asking: “What is she up to now???”

I smile mysteriously and let them wonder…

A few years ago, I was in my final year of my LLB studies. A single mom, quietly suffering from an auto-immune illness, constantly tired, unhappy and trying to fake it through each day.  Do you want to know what was the worst part?

I was engaged to a wonderful man whom I did not love….Yeah..you heard right..He was just great! The problem was that I was not in love with him!

Fast forward..

Today, I am a qualified Copywriter. I am single, free and content.

I am presently raising a beautiful teen and living my life with the highest level of authenticity and creativity. The difference between me now, and back then, is that my self-esteem was non existent. I was basically settling for whatever life threw at me. Today I am  absolutely in love with my lifestyle and ever so grateful for this one life I have!

I am passionately pursuing a career as an Freelance Copywriter. Through contemporary ways to illuminate and learn, I am constantly discovering fresh strategies to uplift my spiritual and mental self-development. Today. I am finally at peace with who I am becoming.

So..what did it take to get me here?

Well…if you stick around long enough, I would love to share snippets of my new and authentic lifestyle with you. I hope that we will learn and grow together on our journey called life. Know that life must be savoured and anything less, means that you are merely existing.

I will enlighten you with articles of substance and depth from politics to philosophy, fashion and make-up, health related issues, mental and physical well being, home decor and eating out, parenting, relationships and even cooking, right to the daily challenges that we all face.

I will help you get through your challenges with handy hints and advice. I love trying out new things, observing and providing feedback..

Where on earth am I?

Sunset in Sea Point

I was born and raised in a farm town in the heartland of South Africa. My soul remains thoroughly old fashioned and small town. City life has thrown me some huge curveballs. I won’t deny that! It forced me to grow up and move with the times.

Way before I turned twenty one, my family and I relocated to the ever so beautiful but utterly stormy city of Cape Town. Having lived in the mother city for many years of my life, I now consider myself a Capetonian. I think that is enough about me for now!

Finally, the only thing left for me to say is:

Welcome aboard and thank you for taking the time out to get to know me!