Freelancing – The New Norm

Technology transfigures the freelance job market

Gone are the days when people were office-bound sweating it out behind a desk in a stuffy suit. Along with the advancement in technology comes the revolution of the job market. Changes are steadily increasing and gearing towards hiring freelance workers.

According to statistics, the global revolution of the freelance job market in America has seen an 8.1% increase from 2014 to the present day. Did you know that 57.3 million people in the U.S are currently busy with freelancing gigs? (

Freelancers seizing the job market

According to a survey conducted by the Freelancers Union of the U.S.A, within ten years the online bidding market place will increase by 50.9%. What this means is that half of America will be engaged in freelance work.

As a freelancer myself, I decided to drop out of Law school and instead put my skills to use by adapting my lifestyle and gearing up towards freelance work. As a single mother, I have found that there is no greater pleasure than doing what I love and working from the confines and comfort of my own home.

Having worked with an array of major corporate companies, I know that I will never go back to the conventional style of employment. Something which I have noticed is the advent of freelance companies such as which have seized the employment platform and why shouldn’t they?

People are flocking towards freelancing and these companies are the middlemen that consign a bidding station to earn according to your skill set.

Freelancing enables you to decide how much you would like to earn!
Stepping Stones for African freelancers

Recruitment companies have struggled with hiring personnel, but these freelancing platforms are the stepping stones towards eradicating poverty and taking charge of your life. Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? Who doesn’t want to create their own wealth? Working for yourself means you can decide on your paycheck and how much you wish to pocket at the end of the month. You get to work in your own time.

Angels in disguise ( N.G.O,s and philanthropists) have worked tirelessly to bring forth a practical solution for  South African freelancers.   Don’t despair, hope is finally here!

Benefits for the employer

The best part about freelancing is that both the employer and the employee benefit from the contract. Many companies are opting towards the work from home approach. Hiring skilled workers through recruitment companies has become a complex and tedious process.

Not only is it cost efficient to hire freelancers, but also extremely practical. The simplest solution to employment issues lies within the freelancing platform.

South African freelancers

For those who have found employment on platforms such as Upwork, Thumbtack, Task Rabbit etc. well and good.

However, there are many who are unable to gain access to these companies because they are bursting by the seams. While there may be a host of such establishments globally, there is a limited supply of authentic African Freelance job portals.

Why is freelance not formalized on a digital platform in South Africa?

1) Connectivity or low power supply/energy

2) Socio-economic challenges

3) Inequality / poverty.

4) Many are still accustomed to raw labor and skill-based work instead of work done on devices such as phones and laptops

Creating Economic and Employment Empowerment within South Africa


Statistics SA alleges that the South African unemployment rate is 26.7%, most of which is the youth. With a volatile and chaotic economy and corrupt political leaders, there is a demand for philanthropists and non-profit entities to tackle the current recruitment/employment challenges.

What I love about these N.G.O entities is that they have initiated solutions towards the progression of the decay of unemployment. Due to hard work and years of research, a simple blend of incorporating the diversity of demands, talents, and circumstances has enabled these non-profit entities to liberate job seekers within South Africa and Africa.

This leaves you with profuse prospects to become entirely autonomous.

Hope for South African freelancers

Many people with a primary job have also opted towards freelancing in order to generate a second income.

There are no two ways about it, freelancing is the next best thing after doctor Google! The incredible news is the hope that anyone can do for those who are unemployed is to provide hope through tangible solutions.

A formal South African freelancing employment platform is the most appropriate hangout spot for freelancers. This is the best outlet for creative talent to streamline and offer their services. The amazing host of prospects are enough to excite, any freelancer into subscribing

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